December 2011

Rev. Martin Luther King: A True Hero, A True Leader

his words are as relevant today as they were in the past




My all-time favorite book by Rev. Martin Luther King, Jr., is "Where Do We Go From Here:  Chaos Or Community?"  This book, published in 1967, is as relevant today as it was in the past;  and it is relevant to everyone.

This book describes the struggles of the Civil Rights movement, and addresses solutions.  However, Dr. King's wonderful ways of wording shows the need for human dignity was not limited to one segment of the population.  As one example, Dr. King wrote:  "Human worth lies in relatedness to God.  An individual has value because he has value to God."*  Unlike the Founding Fathers, who did indeed place limitations on the 'men' they felt had 'certain inalienable rights,' Dr. King's declaration of human worth did not.  The individual person has value--  regardless of race, gender, age, or any other personal characteristics.